Welcome to the Tuxicoman's Vault


You'll find a list of projects which I've been working on. Some are in a quite mature state while others are still in development.
If you have questions or would like to help on some of them, don't hesitate to contact me.



I've been porting the Gentoo Linux distribution on the HPPA (aka PA-RISC) artchitecture. The port is now stable for some years.
Links : install guide, hardware

packet-o-matic NG aka pom-ng

Packet-o-matic is a network forensic tool. It' currently stable and well documented. It is one of my biggest project and has its own website.
Links : website, download, wiki, sources


Packet-o-matic is the old version of pom-ng. It is not under development anymore as the focus has shifted to pom-ng
Links : website, download, wiki, sources, mailing list


This little application splits programs from an MPEG TS stream into separate files. It is useful for example if you have a VoD stream and each movie being watched is sent into it's own MPEG TS program.
Links : sources


The repository dvbgyver contains a suite of tools that I needed and thus coded. These are the following :
feedhunter : I'm attempting to scan the sattelites in the sky and find transponders which are not known to the public. It scans every frequency/polarity for every positions. It is still in development and not fully finished.
rotor: Small tool to control an H-H rotor directly from the command line.
dvb2pcap: Put MPEG 2 TS packets straight into a pcap file for analysis.
Links : sources